We’re promoter and we are waiting for your creations. We like inusual sounds from emergent talent artists, for this reason our name has Sick. Before sending a track you’ve to read requirements and conditions. Please read and undestand what is writed below, we don’t read a mail without this requirements.


We accept at the moment only Big Room, Progressive, Future Deep, Melbourne Bounce, Trap & Dubstep


We publish your creations on our SoundCloud and Youtube channel and link the track to your SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your track can be uploaded as a private file on soundcloud with a download-option, by sending your track to us, you accept this conditions. We don’t sell in any way your music.

*You have to send a short description of where you can speak about you and your track. If you don’t do this we can’t publish your track. Your demo should be in full version !

We only accept previews for Premiere Tracks!

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Mail to :

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Note: in the e-mail object write “Submission”, in this way we can view your mail and please don’t spam. We know you want to see your track promoted but we receive a lot of submissions a day and for this reason please send only 1 track a time and, when we communicate everything to you, you can send another track.